With the new health care law, I had many questions and all of them were answered by Jane Kassel. She not only answered them but she connected me with a plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield that works for me perfectly. If you have questions or are unhappy with your current plan, I highly recommend Jane!

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Jeff Handley


Jane Kassel assisted our family in obtaining a health insurance plan that was perfect for our needs. She goes above and beyond in explaining the latest changes in the health insurance laws, and in providing fantastic customer service. I highly recommend Jane Kassel.

Elaine Horejs


I made the unfortunate mistake of allowing my personal health insurance to lapse. I did not sign up for new health insurance before the open enrollment window closed. My previous provider from the past 5 years told me there was nothing they could do until 2015! I called Jane and within 3 minutes, she was able to identify an avenue to provide me with health insurance effective immediately. I don’t know what I would have done without Jane, she is LITERALLY a life saver!

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Ben Ellis


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